Sesame Chicken Kiev

stuffed chicken with bacon, mozzarella and herbs butter served with salt pepper potatoes, vegetables, relish and brandy cream sauce

BBQ Pork Sparerib

served with salt pepper potatoes, fresh mixed salad balsamic, vegetable relish and Roste BBQ sauce

The Schnitzel Chicken

served with double mushroom sauce, fresh mixed salad balsamic and French fries

Chicken Parmi and Prawn

deep fried breaded stuffed chicken with mozzarella served with fried prawn, butter pasta, vegetables, green peas and mustard cream sauce

Mexican Chicken Cheddar

pan fried and reducing chicken breast with cheddar cheese filling served on a bed of Mexican sauce fresh mixed salad and

salt pepper potatoes

Fillet Fish Mozzarella

pan fried and oven baked fish fillet with mozzarella served with cheesy potato mashed, fresh mixed salad balsamic and

garlic cheese sauce.

Pan Seared Salmon Steak

served with seasonal garlic vegetables, shimeji, vegetables relish, salt pepper potatoes, grain mustard beurre blanch and garlic butter infusion.